Commercial Real Estate Insurance

We offer a comprehensive commercial product line with regionally specific coverages. We also enable business through customized product options that empower each sale. Plus, we offer our agents immediate access to a local decision-making team that will give you faster results. Our better understanding of the local market optimizes your business.

We provide essential business coverage for a variety of professional offices, including:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping firms, and notaries
  • Attorneys
  • Architects and commercial artists
  • Dentists, oral surgeons, chiropractors and veterinarians
  • Insurance agents, investment brokers and management consultants
  • Interior decorators
  • Medical clinics, medical and dental offices
  • Opticians, optometrists and psychologists
  • Physicians, surgeons, physiotherapists and podiatrists
  • Mortgage brokers, real estate agents and appraisers
  • Ticket agencies and trade associations
  • Other professional offices and agencies